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CONSCIOUS VENTURE LAB/SHIFT Ventures Urban Resilience | Smart Cities Program


Conscious Venture Lab® and SHIFT Ventures

Applications are now open for the 2018 Conscious Venture Lab® cohort – Urban Resilience and Smart Cities.

Issues like overtaxed civic infrastructure, high unemployment, intractable violence, transportation, access to health care and food and water shortages are making city living continually more difficult. At the same time as a society we are increasingly returning to urban living. In this cohort we are looking for companies that can improve the way we provide services in cities, how we live together and find new ways to use technology to increase economic opportunity and create more livable and equitable urban environments!

Applications are now open until 11:59 pm on June 17, 2018.  The program will run from August 1- November 30, 2018.

Deal: $50,000 for 8% Equity.

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