Clinton Global Initiative Commitment

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In hopes of playing a part in transforming the way that capitalism is practiced in America, The Porter Group has committed to raising a $20MM venture capital fund to invest in 70 “Conscious Capitalists” within the next three years.

The commitment will be implemented through a series of at least three early-stage business accelerators owned and operated by the Porter Group called the Conscious Venture Lab. The Conscious Venture Lab will be engaged in selecting, training, developing, and investing in companies with a focus on greater societal purpose at the core of their DNA. Each year the Group will invest in up to ten companies who are committed to operating based on the tenets of stakeholder management and “Conscious Capitalism(R)” (Conscious Capitalism is a registered trademark of Conscious Capitalism, Inc.).

The Group’s partner, the The Howard County Economic Development Authority (HCEDA) will provide capital and operational support to this effort.


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