About David B. Wolfe:

David Wolfe was a great friend to me and a mentor. He’s been called a philosopher, he was an entrepreneur to his core and an author with an amazing ability to make the most complex and arcane issues about society and human behavior come to life in a way that called you to action. He is certainly one of the fathers of the Conscious Capitalism® movement. I had the pleasure of working with David and Raj Sisodia on their groundbreaking book Firms of Endearment beginning with informal conversations in 2004 and culminating with the publication of the book in 2006 on the Wharton Press Imprint.

I have fond memories of that time of the kind that only David could evoke; sitting on a bench in the warm spring sun in Reston, Virginia, talking about brain science and transcendence, the internet and the “end of history”. He was a man who brought out the cerebral in all he engaged and made each of us better.

Conscious Venture Lab® The Accelerator of The David B. Wolfe Center for Conscious Entrepreneurship® is a tribute to my friend and a place meant to help his dream continue to grow.

Jeffrey Cherry: New York City, February 28, 2013.