Our Mission

What would happen if businesses around the world started caring as much about people as they do about profit?

This question is at the center of our task. Conscious Venture Lab® is an early stage business accelerator with the goal of developing companies and leaders who embrace capitalism as a powerful catalyst for good in society.

We believe there is a way to practice capitalism that allows it to be the greatest power for human improvement and also eliminates the rough edges and massive inequalities that are now being laid upon society.

We work to help extraordinary entrepreneurs in their quest to build companies with societal purpose at their core; to give them all the tools and support they need to create engaged happy employees, loyal and joyful customers, deeply authentic partnerships, caring and safe communities and financial wealth for all their stakeholders.


Urban Resilience | Smart Cities Program

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Our Team

Jeff Cherry
Jeff CherryExecutive Director
Cosmina Popa
Cosmina PopaManaging Director
Joe Mechlinski
Joe MechlinskiManaging Partner | SHIFT Ventures
Marianna Pappas
Marianna PappasManaging Director | SHIFT Ventures & Conscious Venture Lab

Get Conscious


Are you looking to make an impact? Is your dream to build a company that truly lifts all boats, not just the yachts? Do you want to be a part of something larger than yourself and contribute to a more just, joyful and prosperous society? If so, we can help. Contact us or just say hello!



Established Businesses

The Conscious Venture Lab is an on site community for start-ups. We also know there are many established entrepreneurs out there who want to transform or perfect their business models to create high performance cultures that matter. Is that you? We can help. Learn More >


Matching Conscious Ventures with Capital Resources

Conscious business, social entrepreneurs, and purpose driven companies spend an inordinate amount of their time trying to connect with investor and advisers who understand the dynamics of their business. The typical Wall Street bank and many venture firms remains mired in the Darwinian, winner-take-all world of capitalistic system that increasingly fails to serve the broader needs of society. We foster a new paradigm of capitalism where companies do not simply generate commercial success “while also” doing good things, but rather are commercially successful because of their focus on the broader societal purpose. We’ve developed a keen ability to help entrepreneurs tell this story – and we’ve coupled that with a talent for finding like-minded, philosophically aligned investors to fund growth and innovation.

If you’d like to invest in the next iteration of capitalism let’s talk!




There are two things we believe about success: If you’ve had any success you were probably helped by someone who went before you. And, giving OF yourself is the single greatest act of learning you can do FOR yourself. If you believe what we believe, maybe you should be a mentor for our cause. Join us and become a mentor!