Cosmina Popa
Cosmina Popa Managing Director

Cosmina Popa | Managing Director

Cosmina is a business development expert and devoted entrepreneur-at-life whose experience is firmly rooted in the technology and sustainability sectors. She is passionate about transformative entrepreneurship as an avenue for international development and is pursuing that driving interest from one thrilling opportunity to another.
She fell in love with coaching and leadership development while doing sustainable business consulting at the Center for Synchronous Leadership in London. In her role, she helped business leaders become more attuned to the needs of employees, customers, and society as a whole and integrate sustainable practices into their business models.

She has put that sustainability expertise to work in her current role at Conscious Venture Lab, a startup accelerator in Maryland. As Managing Director, she uses her business development and transformation expertise to guide socially conscious startups as they grow into successful, impactful companies.

When she’s not working, Cosmina can be found traveling (especially to Europe and back home to the beautiful Romanian countryside), pursuing her love of dance and photography, horseback riding, reading and painting.

Cosmina holds an MSc in Environment and International Development from Kings College London, and a BA in Liberal Arts from St John’s College, MD.