Marianna Pappas
Marianna PappasProgram Director | SHIFT Ventures & Conscious Venture Lab

Marianna Pappas | Program Director | SHIFT Ventures & Conscious Venture Lab

Marianna’s role at Conscious Venture Lab is to keep the trains running on-time and smoothly. Her unique background, which intersects Social Impact, Psychology, and having owned and managed her own family business for 8 years, guides her in being a perpetual source of support and direction for Jeff, Joe, and our companies.

Marianna is a life-long resident of our beloved Baltimore and a devoted supporter of our mission to plant the seeds where they haven’t been planted before, and invest in entrepreneurs who seek to use purpose as a competitive advantage. Social impact has always been an important part of who she is and what she hopes to contribute to our world.

Outside of her work for SHIFT Ventures & the Conscious Venture Lab, Marianna loves spending time with family – especially her nieces and nephews, doing creative projects around her home, being active outdoors, and finding the best new ways to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.