Our Portfolio Companies include a wide variety of “Conscious” companies. These businesses are part of our 4 month immersion program aimed at accelerating conscious entrepreneurs to traction and revenue.


There are over 140 million photos on Instagram hashtagged with the word #food. And while they’re getting likes and attention, that’s all they’re doing. At Zest, we believe that foodies have more to gain on Instagram than just a like. Zest is a social media monetization tool for food bloggers, and works by connecting foodies to its affiliate network of restaurants and food companies. Zest was founded in Washington, DC at Startup Weekend by people who love food and technology.

Going Green Today

Going Green Today is a sustainability-learning tool, designed to teach users to save money by reducing their carbon footprints, municipalities deploy for measurable civic engagement and companies for employee engagement.

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Hungry Harvest

Hungry Harvest is on a mission to end food waste and eliminate hunger in the US. We take fresh, surplus produce from farms around the Mid-Atlantic and deliver it once a week to customers in Washington D.C. and Baltimore. In addition, for every bag we sell, we donate one to a hungry family in need.

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Spend Consciously

Spend Consciously believes that people have a hunger to live in accordance with their values. They have created a website and mobile application which allows you to connect your buying habits with who you are, and patronize the companies that share your values.

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Making Change

Everyone struggles at some point during their lives, and financial issues are often at the heart of these struggles. MakingChange believes that every person who is motivated to improve their financial situation should have access to the financial knowledge and skills needed to achieve their own personal financial success story. Based in Columbia, MD, MakingChange is a local non-profit that exists to provide this access, and to coach people along their path to financial success.

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Shea Radiance

Shea Radiance believes that a really great jar of cream can change the world. What started out as a need to find a cure for the family’s dry and eczema prone skin led them to create a line of truly natural and effective body care products using shea butter as a key ingredient. Their quest led them back to West Africa, the source of shea butter, where they found much more than a solution to dry skin. They found a way to help women take care of their families by providing economic empowerment through trade. Shea Radiance supports women in a way that promotes the beauty, wisdom, and dignity of the women that are at the foundation of the supply chain. Shea Radiance believes that when you empower a woman, you empower a family and a nation and change the world.

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We connect women entrepreneurs to actionable information, local women expert service providers and funding opportunities in an authentic virtual community. By empowering their success and establishing local connections, we support her quest for a more meaningful life, creating a better life for all.

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Self Spark

Self Spark democratizes personal growth by bringing the best of behavioural science and new technology to the widest possible audience, through a global series of Learning + Doing conferences called Spark Weekends – “One weekend to spark a lifetime of growth.”

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