Project Description

Born from the automated healthcare and additive manufacturing revolution, Danae, Inc. offers online solutions to create 100% customizable 3D printed prosthetic covers, that provides amputees privacy and the fashion statement they desire in their everyday life.

Using our online app, amputees are able to utilize their own creativity to personalize exactly what their product should look like, in real time.

We believe that 3D printing technology is the vehicle that will allow humanity to break free from its mental and physical limitations. Enabling people to look, move, feel, and fashionably customize their unique normal.

Obsessed with making everything around us look much more like our dreams, we are a team of designers and engineers dedicated to the beauty of what could be. Our objective is to provide automated, easy to use customizable 3D printing solutions that address above and below the knee amputees’ concerns now and also in the future.