Project Description

At GridLion, we believe that universal access to energy that is affordable, reliable and clean will be vital to sustaining our quality of life over the next generation. To achieve this, we need to change the relationship that people and organizations have to the energy that powers their achievements. We exist to give organizations the tools that enable them to invest more of their resources on their direct mission and less on utilities expenditures.

With rising energy costs close on the horizon, and an increasingly fragile electric grid, GridLion’s helps commercial and industrial building owners lower their enterprise risk and increase net operating income year over year, in a measurable way. Our platform comprises an analytics dashboard that provides real-time, device level utility data from throughout our clients’ facilities, and we overlay their other business data to provide a holistic view of their total value chain.

We are the only company that combines energy management with advanced business analytics, enabling clients to extract the most value from every decision.