Project Description

Ujoin envisions a world in which everyone is empowered with the tools and know-how to shape policies for their neighborhoods, cities, counties, state, provinces, and countries.

We exist to give voices to people without one, so that they can be heard in the sea of opinions, solve their problems, and improve their lives.

Ujoin is “advocacy made easy” — we make it easy to influence the votes of decision-makers and the decisions of policy-makers. We help nonprofits, neighborhood groups, and businesses easily and affordably get policy wins.

Our competitors’ platforms are too complex and too expensive for 90% of the addressable market. The result is that people are using ridiculous workarounds to try and influence policies. Easy and affordable are the words that sum up what Ujoin offers, and it’s effective.

In addition, unlike our competitors, we do not reserve the right to sell their data to third parties. We believe our customers’ data is their own, and that our job is to keep it safe for them.

Our customers create their own branded action pages. These action pages make it easy for end users to send unique messages to any legislator, CEO, or department chair to influence decisions. These action pages have a unique URL and they go viral via email and social media. Our customers get policy wins and at the same time they build their followers and organizational capacities.