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At GridLion, we believe that universal access to energy that is affordable, reliable and clean will be vital to sustaining our quality of life over the next generation. To achieve this, we need to change the relationship that people and organizations have to the energy that powers their achievements. We exist to give organizations the tools that enable them to invest more of their resources on their direct mission and less on utilities expenditures.

With rising energy costs close on the horizon, and an increasingly fragile electric grid, GridLion’s helps commercial and industrial building owners lower their enterprise risk and increase net operating income year over year, in a measurable way. Our platform comprises an analytics dashboard that provides real-time, device level utility data from throughout our clients’ facilities, and we overlay their other business data to provide a holistic view of their total value chain.

We are the only company that combines energy management with advanced business analytics, enabling clients to extract the most value from every decision.

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Treason Toting Co.


Treason Toting Company was founded by Aaron Jones and Jason Bass in 2013 in Baltimore, MD. We met at a bar in Fells Point and became fast friends and business partners over a few glasses of whiskey.

We are both born and raised in Baltimore. Aaron is trained as a tailor and covers the design and production. Jason has a business and marketing background, so he figures out the logistics of putting the product into the hands of customers.

When we started Treason, we set out to create a product that could carry the tools of our trade: the scissors, tape measure, thread, needle, laptop, and notebooks that we use every day. Our bags tote the goods of the traveling craftsman, durable enough for the delicate iPad to the heavy hand tools.

Though these tools must be carried locally between work and home, they also go much further during periods of travel and exploration. We wanted to create a product that reflects our combined experiences of local and worldly influences. Our timeless designs buck trends and our high-quality materials will last for years.

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Danae Prosthetics


Born from the automated healthcare and additive manufacturing revolution, Danae, Inc. offers online solutions to create 100% customizable 3D printed prosthetic covers, that provides amputees privacy and the fashion statement they desire in their everyday life.

Using our online app, amputees are able to utilize their own creativity to personalize exactly what their product should look like, in real time.

We believe that 3D printing technology is the vehicle that will allow humanity to break free from its mental and physical limitations. Enabling people to look, move, feel, and fashionably customize their unique normal.

Obsessed with making everything around us look much more like our dreams, we are a team of designers and engineers dedicated to the beauty of what could be. Our objective is to provide automated, easy to use customizable 3D printing solutions that address above and below the knee amputees’ concerns now and also in the future.

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Parkofon is a smart mobility company utilizing the Internet of Things to emancipate people to move freely, even when they cannot. We develop and promote an all-in-one device for urban commute to make everyday driving efficient and enjoyable and help people avoid the usual frustrations of big cities. Starting with parking, we provide a contactless payment method so that you can stop where you need in no time and get going as soon as you pull over your vehicle.

The technology behind Parkofon is a high-precision geospatial navigation system with secure telecom capabilities. The system automatically detects when the vehicle arrives in a parking zone to trigger payment with saved card information. Paired with mobile app, it also notifies you of the hourly limit, rate, and expiration time. The invention is patent pending.

Parkofon is a unique solution in a non-unique space. In today’s world, you have parking apps, license plate recognition, and smart meters. But none of these offer a fully automated system that requires zero user input. Parkofon is easy to enforce, fairly inexpensive, and can be easily integrated into the vehicle on-board electronic system.

Our primary customer is an urban driver aged 25-54 who owns a vehicle and parks regularly on the street and in parking garages. Parking causes a lot of frustration, especially for suburban dwellers, who avoid going downtown when they can. Our product guides drivers to parking spaces, updates them on open spots when they look for parking, and provides a frustration-free payment method.

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Ujoin envisions a world in which everyone is empowered with the tools and know-how to shape policies for their neighborhoods, cities, counties, state, provinces, and countries.

We exist to give voices to people without one, so that they can be heard in the sea of opinions, solve their problems, and improve their lives.

Ujoin is “advocacy made easy” — we make it easy to influence the votes of decision-makers and the decisions of policy-makers. We help nonprofits, neighborhood groups, and businesses easily and affordably get policy wins.

Our competitors’ platforms are too complex and too expensive for 90% of the addressable market. The result is that people are using ridiculous workarounds to try and influence policies. Easy and affordable are the words that sum up what Ujoin offers, and it’s effective.

In addition, unlike our competitors, we do not reserve the right to sell their data to third parties. We believe our customers’ data is their own, and that our job is to keep it safe for them.

Our customers create their own branded action pages. These action pages make it easy for end users to send unique messages to any legislator, CEO, or department chair to influence decisions. These action pages have a unique URL and they go viral via email and social media. Our customers get policy wins and at the same time they build their followers and organizational capacities.

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The Cube Cowork


One of the principal challenges work from home moms and mom entrepreneurs face is learning how to balance the requirements of their children with the needs of their business and/careers and other areas of life. At The Cube Cowork, we believe that all mothers should have an opportunity to follow their entrepreneur and career dreams. We exist to create a coworking space that provides moms with an environment that will help them balance their family and their careers by removing their daily distractions and guilt so that they can change their “I can’ts” into “I cans.”

The Cube Cowork is a membership based co-working space, where moms can escape the traditional or home office and work in an environment that enhances their productivity. Unlike our competitors, The Cube Cowork connect moms to business resource, mentors, virtual assistant services and babysitting services so they can focus more on growing their businesses.

The Cube Cowork target current or aspiring work from home moms and mom entrepreneurs and between the ages of 25-45 who are struggling with productivity and looking for a space where they can access resources and network to start and grow their businesses or enhance their careers.

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